About Helon Melon

With our ethical approach to consumerism and keeping product in the hands of the artisan we are able to create essential, easy to wear and timeless product. Our fabrics are sourced responsibly and an enormous amount of thought has been given to the impact we all have on the environment. From our extremely happy studio and workshop in Woodstock we present you with comfort and confidence so that the happiness is extended beyond our special space.

Helon Melon was founded in 1995 in Cape Town.

Experimentation and passion have been the building blocks that informed the company’s strategy. Helen insists that she remains engaged in the development of each garment or product.

We remove ourselves from the industrialisation that affords us the opportunity for non-standard…

“Capturing the spirit of the times with free-spirited and innovative designs.”

After several years of bed linen experience and professional growth, I found my rightful medium in expressing my own taste in clothing.

Creating moods that are light and unique.

Ethical style. Easy to wear. Timeless.

It matters to me that you know what you are wearing and where it comes from.

Our fabrics are sourced responsibly and an enormous amount of thought has been put on the impact that we have on the environment.


Our Store

V&A Waterfront

Shop B6 The Watershed
Dock Road
V&A Waterfront, 8002

083 450-7770‬
[email protected] 

Fashion Week 2018

We are so proud to have been part of the South African Fashion Week. This season’s show schedule put the spotlight on the diversity and innovation of the South African designers all residing and manufacturing in the country.


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